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How to fit back the key back on to a Dell laptop keyboard

It is pretty easy to take off the keys of a laptop, and it’s almost impossible to put or fit them back on without destroying or losing the microscopic parts.

Below are the steps which can help you to pop a key back to its place on Dell keyboard.

Even after following the below mentioned steps, you are unable to fix the key back onto its place, then don't worry. Dell Support Australia is there to help you. We help in fixing every laptop related issue in the minimum time possible.

What all you need to do is-

1. Start with every piece- Check every piece carefully. Make a note where tiny tabs are on them. Arrange them correctly.

2. Keep jotting down the orientations of the tabs on the U-shaped piece- Slide the tabs under the metal loops on the laptop.

3. Slide the other O-shaped piece via the centre of the U-piece.

4. Connect the tabs on the O-piece under the hooks on the laptop.

5. Now, click the tabs in the O-piece into the slot in the U-piece.

6. Ensure that the tabs are uplifted. At this point, the two pieces are locked together, If performed the steps correctly, they won't sit flat. They will be elevated above the surface of the laptop.

7. Now place the key right-side over the O and U shaped pieces- First, click the right side (until you hear it click), and then push it down to the left side of the key.

8. Click it into place. And the key is replaced.

These steps will help in pop back the key back to the Dell laptop keyboard.

For further assistance and guidance contact Dell Support Australia at 1-800-958-239

If you are still facing the issue even after following the above mentioned steps then contact our technical expertise at Dell helpline 1-800-958-239. Our team of technicians is there to guide and assist you 24/7. The Dell users from Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Gold Coast can also get in touch with our professionals for any laptop-related query.

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